Hi! I'm Mohamed Ilies, a network engineer & a full stack web developer

I am a freshly graduated network engineer (I hope that I'm having a greater title by the time you're reading this 🤓) and while waiting for my diploma I decided to make this project.

When I started coding the initial idea, I didn't plan on turning it to a project. I just wanted to fill my time with productivity by testing my JS skills on doing some IPv4 calculations, then I decided to give the project some style with CSS to present it in my portfolio, then I decided to deploy my static site on Heroku. Fortunately, it required adding a backend language. Since I had to use a backend language, I decided to use a framework and add the typical home, about and contact pages and it is what it is now.

I earned my web dev skills while working on my graduation project which was a home automation I O T platform. I learned & used during that period HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL, NodeJS, Arduino, Git and Docker. It was an amazing experience for me and this app is a perfect demonstration for my mastery of frontend web dev. I also know a little about manipulating graphic design tools (I made this app from scratch except a couple of assets).

"I pray to get a career in network engineering and I love web development."